Our Processes

Fabrication is, simply put, taking raw materials and creating a finished piece of steel that meets rigorous design and AISC quality requirements for bridges and other heavy structures. What sets Veritas apart from our competitors is our capability to meet or exceed schedules while providing the highest quality materials for the most complicated fabrication projects. The process is what we excel at—in many ways, it’s what Veritas Steel is at its core. We’re a fabrication company dedicated to creating steel components for structures, primarily bridges. Our fabrication plants use the most effective and state of the art equipment to create steel components that are precise, durable, and meet all of our client’s project needs.

Our team has proven itself time and time again with the ability to provide outstanding solutions for simple and complex bridge structures..

Our Capabilities

We operate three major fabrication facilities in the United States, all of which use advanced CNC cutting, drilling, and milling equipment. This equipment is operated by experienced operators, fabricators, and painters to ensure that the final products meet all of the exacting requirements.

Our largest facility is located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and can handle multiple fabrication projects concurrently. We mainly focus on large complex bridge, heavy steel structure, and plate girder fabrication in Eau Claire due to the size of the facility (over 250,000 sqft).

Our other Wisconsin facility is in Wausau. It’s well-equipped to fabricate large and small plate girders. Our two Wisconsin facilities often work together on large, complex projects.

Our third facility is located in Palatka, Florida, an ideal site for the growing southeast U.S. and Florida market. Here, we’re able to fabricate various steel projects in the 200,000-plus square feet of covered space. This facility is located on the St. Johns River, so we’re able to ship finished components via barge.

If you’re in need of steel fabrication, we’re ready to take on the project. Contact us today to see what we can build together.