Heavy Structures

In addition to fabricating the many parts needed for bridges, Veritas Steel can also assist you with fabricating heavy structures. While the majority of our work is in steel bridge fabrication, we apply our expertise to components for heavy or large structures. Veritas can deliver for your projects, whether it’s a building truss, an architectural tower, or even a launch pad for a space shuttle (something we’ve done for NASA), Veritas is the name in which you can trust.

Just as with our steel bridge fabrication, all of our heavy structures’ work is carefully fabricated in one of our three fabrication plants in the U.S. With a combined 600,000 square foot of space and state of the art CNC equipment, our facilities are capable of turning out thousands of tons of fabricated steel in a short amount of time.

The Process

We follow the same process with heavy structural fabrication as we do with steel bridge fabrication. We will utilize or use your engineering plans to create detailed drawings of the parts you need fabricated, and we will keep you updated every step of the way. In the end, you’ll receive fabricated steel pieces that are exactly what you need for your projects.

Our team makes you, your needs, and your schedule our priority. We create our own internal deadlines that make it possible for us to meet or exceed your schedule. This means you receive your fabricated steel more quickly, allowing you to complete your project on schedule or, in many cases, ahead of schedule.

Ready to Start Construction?

If you’re ready to begin work on a heavy structure and are in need of steel fabrication, contact Veritas today to discuss your need and see what we can build together.