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Building Tomorrow’s Infrastructure

Guided by our decades of experience, we provide fabricated steel bridge solutions for complex infrastructure projects.

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Our Services


As our main focus, bridge fabrication is where we shine. We fabricate more than 60,000 tons of structural steel each year, contributing to infrastructure projects of all complexities.


Our expertise in fabricating large structural steel components and our large fabrication shops translates into a unique proficiency with heavy structures fabrication, making us a valuable partner who can deliver quickly on large projects.

Project Management

Our premier project management services guide your project from start to finish and maximize efficiency to achieve the highest value on your investment. Our dedicated team is equipped to handle all aspects of scheduling, coordinating seamlessly with all stakeholders to meet project milestones. From start to finish, we manage the logistics, ensuring all moving parts align smoothly for timely deliveries and project completion.


Our three major fabrication facilities are spacious and streamlined, providing dependable quality and superior fabrication solutions to meet our clients’ project needs. We pride ourselves on organized, clean shops that maximize the use of space. We also set up our manufacturing processes in a way that best incorporates innovative technology and tools.


What Sets Us Apart

Veritas Steel is uniquely positioned to deliver the products and services you need. We are AISC-certified and have over 100 years of structural steel fabrication experience. Our award-winning bridges provide reliable infrastructure connections across the United States.

Our decades of steel fabrication experience and our capacity to take on complex steel projects are our key differentiators. Veritas Steel projects are:

Reliable and durable

We create the infrastructure of tomorrow, which demands steel structures that endure the elements and the test of time.


We maximize the return on investment with smart resource management and streamlined processes.


Whether you need a simple steel bridge, a complex arch, or a heavy cambered member, our team has capabilities across a wide range of structural steel projects.

Building Tomorrow’s
Infrastructure Safely

Safety is our priority at Veritas Steel. We value each team member and want to ensure they go home safely at the end of each workday. We strive for a zero-incident workplace by implementing extensive safety training, in the onboarding process and beyond. We empower team members to speak up about potential safety hazards or unsafe working conditions. We also implement behavior-based safety training to reduce recordable incidents.

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