Bridge - Veritas Steel

Bridge Fabrication

As the most experienced bridge fabricator in the U.S., each year we fabricate more
than 60,000 tons of structural steel, ranging from simple, straightforward bridge
members to complex, specialized pieces.


We work across all levels of bridge fabrication and have three facilities that
enable us to provide the highest quality end result on time and within budget.

Our certifications include:
  • ABR: Certified Bridge Fabricator—Advanced (Major)
  • CBR: Major Steel Bridges
  • FCE: Fracture Critical Endorsement
  • SPE-P1: Sophisticated Paint Endorsement- Enclosed
  • SPE-P2: Sophisticated Paint Endorsement- Covered
We specialize in fabricating:
  • Wide Flange/Plate Girders
  • Tubs/Box Girders
  • Railroad Bridges
  • Trusses
  • Bascule/Movable Bridges
  • Cable-Stayed Bridges
  • Suspension Bridges
  • Arch Bridges

What sets Veritas Steel
bridge fabrication apart?

Our Management Team

All three Veritas Steel facilities have skilled Production and Operations Managers with decades of hands on bridge fabrication and assembly experience. Many of our Management Team members began their careers at Veritas working on the shop floor and have grown with the company into leadership roles.

Our Early-Phase Support

In addition to fabrication, we offer support during the early phases of a bridge project to ensure on-time completion that stays within budget. We provide:

  • Design conflict resolution
  • Value engineering
  • Cost estimates
  • Procurement expertise
  • Shipping and transportation
    logistics support

Our Process & Technology

The knowledgeable team of fabrication experts at Veritas optimizes each step of
the production process to guarantee quality and efficiency.

  • Veritas’ pre-approved list of detailers has undergone a rigorous vetting process to make certain our shop drawings are accurate and efficient.
  • Our Project Management team reviews design drawings and project requirements with the Operations and Quality Team to identify needed modifications or potential constraints. We maintain an industry-leading QA/QC program to ensure we meet and exceed exacting quality standards.
  • Our knowledgeable Purchasing Team understands lead times, material grades and specs and is ready to troubleshoot supply chain constraints to hedge against market volatility.
  • Utilizing our state-of-the-art fabrication technology and innovative means and methods, we provide steel that is fabricated according to exact specifications. Additionally, we track the progress of each project on the production floor through real-time status tracking.
  • Veritas’ unique pre-assigned match marking system together with shop pre-assembly guarantees perfect field fit-up.
  • Our sophisticated coatings application process protects the final product.
  • Upon final inspection, steel is shipped by our Logistics Department, which can handle projects of any size, including special permit loads. If barge shipping is needed, Veritas’ Palatka, Florida, plant can transport especially large loads.
Our Facilities

Veritas Steel’s facilities use innovative technologies that produce efficient and effective results in bridge fabrication. With over 600,000 square feet of clean, organized workspace, we maximize our shops and storage to enhance productivity and streamline workflow.

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