Heavy Structures Fabrication - Veritas Steel

Heavy Structures Fabrication

Veritas Steel is known for our bridgework, but we also specialize in fabricating
heavy structures. Steel members that are too big for other fabricators are not a
problem for us. We have the expertise, tools and facilities to tackle any heavy or
large structural steel member your project requires.


Our three U.S. fabrication plants have a combined 600,000 square feet of space, providing the capability to fabricate and store large steel members. Our state-of-the-art CNC equipment and specialized tools such as overhead cranes and Mi-Jacks allow us to fabricate and manipulate heavy steel members quickly and efficiently.


Additionally, our Palatka, FL, facility also has water access, which facilitates barge transport for heavy structure fabrication.

The Process


With all Veritas Steel projects, our team works with your needs and schedule to deliver on time or even ahead of schedule. We create detailed fabrication drawings from your design plans and fabricate the structural steel pieces you need for your heavy structures.


Partnering with you, we communicate on the status of your project throughout the process to ensure that you experience optimal satisfaction and involvement.

Our heavy structures fabrication includes
but is not limited to:

Building Trusses
Large Columns
Architectural Towers

Heavy Structures Projects

Norwegian cruise line project:

Our Eau Claire and Palatka facilities have been busy building trusses and columns for a new Norwegian Cruise Line terminal building for the Port of Miami. This second-floor truss, weighing 80,000 lbs., left our Eau Claire plant this week to head to Miami, FL.