Project Management

Project management can be an overwhelming task. Everything must be coordinated, budgeted, and scheduled. In many ways, it’s more than one team can take on, especially if it’s a huge project. This is why Veritas Steel offers our experienced project management team to our clients. This team is here to provide expertise, guidance, and assistance for everything from basic highway and railroad bridges to complex heavy structures and movable bridges. Whether you simply need some advice on how to proceed with your project or want our guidance for each step, we’re here for you.

Our Project Management Services

When it comes to project management, there are several different services our clients can take advantage of:

Project coordination

Our team coordinates all of the interfacing parts of your project, including drawings, raw material lead times, fabrication, engineering and shipping, to ensure that everything accurately fits together as planned. This includes the structural steel and bearings. We also coordinate our scope with other trades such as mechanical and electrical.


We will handle all of the scheduling between you, our team, and all of your partners and contractors in order to ensure that everything is delivered on time. Our goal is to have your project completed on time.

Value engineering

We will work with you to estimate your project costs and determine if there are any areas where that cost could be reduced. This is never done at the expense of quality, of course.


Without clear and consistent communication between all parties involved, a project can be difficult to complete on time and on budget. We will keep you informed of everything that occurs with your project and clearly communicate needs and requirements to third parties.

On-site Assistance

If you’re in need of assistance at the job site, we’ll be there.


Our Project Management Team members are proactive in identifying and resolving project issues.

We’re committed to meeting all of your needs and expectations for every project we manage. If you’d like to know more, simply contact us to set up a consultation.

Detailing / Engineering

The engineers and detailers we partner with use state-of-the-art software to develop our customers shop drawings. This software allows us to see each component in the entire structure and ensure that all pieces will assemble correctly and according to plan. It also assists in clash detection, allowing us to see issues with fit-up prior to the fabrication of any components. With the ever-rising costs of today’s construction, this type of technology is essential in the fabrication process.